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Rules & Regulations


1. Each pupil is expected to attend school on all working days of the year.

2. When a pupil is to be absent she has to present an application for leave of absence countersigned by her parent or guardian and this application should state the reason for absence and the period of absence. In case of leave exceeding a week, the application should be presented to the Headmistress through the class teacher. Previous sanction should be obtained whenever it is possible. In unavoidable cases the application for leave should reach the class teacher on the second day of absence at the latest.

3. In case of illness extending over a week, a medical certificate should be produced by the pupil on the day she rejoins school, after the period of illness.

4. Absence from the school assembly or during any period or part of a session is liable for punishment.

5. A pupil attending school in the forenoon session should not absent herself for the afternoon session without obtaining the permission of the Headmistress.

6. Repeated absence without letter would result in the removal of the name from the register.


1. The School assembly begins at 9.00 a.m. The children are expected to be present by 8.45 a.m. Late comers will not be allowed.

2. Strict silence should be observed in the Assembly and while dispersing to the class-room.

3. On the arrival of the teacher or any important visitor entering the class room, the pupils should stand up and remain standing until they are desired to sit – down.

4. Every pupil will have an allotted place in the class room and she must sit there and stick to it.

5. No pupil shall leave the class room without the permission of the teacher or until the class is dispersed.

6. No pupil shall leave the school premises during working hours without the permission of the Headmistress.

7. Pupil marching from the class-rooms to the play ground or another room should do so, in order and keep silence.

8. Pupils should refrain from scribbling on the school walls, disfiguring school furniture or causing damage to any property of the school.

9. Each pupil should pay particular attention to cleanliness of her person, dress, book,notebook and her surrounding.

10. A. Pupil should attend school only in the school uniform which consists of a fawn Colour Pyjama Dark Blue with Fawn Checked Kurtha and Fawn colour overcoat for those from Std VI to XII. b. Every Monday Pupil should attend school in the games uniform, which consists of Green (Parrot house), Red (Pigeon house), Yellow (Mynah house), Blue (Cuckoo house). Pyjama and Half white top with over coat (House Colour) and White canvas shoes and white socks.

11. Pupil are expected to look after their own possessions. The school does not take any responsibility for books, note books, jewels, cash or other articles that may be lost by a pupil within the school premises.

12. No pupil should be a member of any external organization without the permission of the Headmistress.

13. Dishonest practices on the part of a pupil during tests and examination will be severely dealt with.

14. Pupils ought to behave respectfully in all places and at all times remembering that the honour of the school depends on their behavior not only in school but also in their homes and in public.

15. Any change of address of pupil should be immediately communicated to the office.

16. The Headmistress will be glad to meet the parents or guardians after 3.40 p.m.

17. Pupils should not leave the school premises during lunch time.

18. Lunch carriers should produce a token before entering the compound.

19. Parents and Guardians are not allowed to meet the pupils during school hours without the permission of the Headmistress.

20. It is suggested that children may be sent to school with footwear (shoe) for hygienic reasons. The following units are functioning in our school.

1. Physical Education

2. Guides

3. Junior Red Cross

4. Eco Club

5. Literary Associations (Tamil & English)

6. Recurring Deposit Scheme